Why Is Midfoot Strike Preferred?

Heel strike, midfoot or forefoot? Is one better than the other? Watch this video to find out.

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Why Alkarich Water Is Good For The Health Of Your Family

The food consumed and polluted air inhaled creates lots of acidic waste into the body. Even the tap water coming into our home is not safe as it comprises of numerous chlorine, pollutants, fluorine and other minerals. That is why people nowadays opt for alkaline water for consumption to enhance the functionality of an immune system.

Why Everyone Should Consider Meal Prep

Consider meal prep and planning. It will help you get and stay healthy, save money, and will reduce your stress.

Recommendations For Lowering Your Cholesterol Level

Have you being told that your cholesterol level need to be lowered? This article is about recommendations that will help you in lowering your cholesterol level without stern diets and still have joy of eating good, tasty foods.

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