Why is Active Recovery Important for Runners?

Running is a high-impact sport and imparts stress to your body. Therefore, adequate rest and recovery are very important to ensure good physical health and improved performance. And complete rest is not the only strategy for recovery for runners. One way to help your body recover from running is to include active recovery in your workout routine. Active recovery is a form of low-intensity workout, which targets the same muscles used during running, and is performed after a strenuous workout. What are the benefits of active recovery and what kind of active recovery workouts should runners perform? Watch this video to find out.

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Cramping is extremely common in athletes and it usually subsides on its own without the need for any medical attention. Although cramps arise due to several medical conditions, our focus over here is on exercise-associated Muscle Cramps (EAMC). Broadly, muscle cramps can be a result of muscle fatigue or due to exercising in hot and humid conditions, which can lead to electrolyte imbalance. The first line of treatment is often to stop exercising, but there are some immediate actions that you can take to reduce the severity of the cramp and relieve the pain.

Although the exact cause of cramping is still not clear, you can prevent cramps by taking some simple, yet effective steps. In this animation video, youโ€™ll learn what are muscle cramps, what causes muscle cramps, what muscle cramping symptoms and what you can do to manage them to progress safely in your workouts.

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