Why Do Runners Get Blisters and How to Avoid Them

If you have ever gone on a run and come back feeling pain and discomfort on your feet, chances are that you are suffering from the dreaded blisters. They occur when your skin gets damaged by friction and rubbing. In this video, we take a look at the various reasons why you may encounter blisters, especially while running, and what you can do to prevent blisters from occurring to begin with.

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What Are The Foods To Avoid And The Best Diet For Diverticulitis

Diverticulitis is a serious condition that many of us are unaware of. In fact, as we age, the incidence of having this health condition also increases and it is seen often in people who are in their forties. Aside from age, another contributing factor with contracting diverticulitis is having a diet that is rich in animal fat while low in fiber.

Cutting Edge Ideas to Speed Athletic Recovery

If you train harder and more than your opponent, you will have a definite edge in any sport. The problem is the human body can only take so much training before it breaks down and needs rest. The key is in recovery. If you can recover faster and more completely you will be able to train sooner, harder and with more volume to make much greater gains. Improving recovery will also help you show up fresher for competitions. Fortunately, there’s been many developments in the area of athletic recovery including very effective strategies, products and modalities that can make a terrific difference right away. If you want to learn how to improve your performance quickly, you will be excited to find out secrets kept by many top athletes and pro sports teams about how to recover faster. Keep reading this article to learn these secrets and some of the latest cutting edge ideas on improving athletic recovery.

Your Gut Health 101: Causes of Diverticulitis

It is normal for one to feel pain in their stomach area especially if one overeats or when one is hungry; however, persistent pain maybe a symptom of a major health problem. Diverticulitis is quite common especially for those who are in their 40’s.

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