We Started Using Binoculars for Birding (At The Perfect Time!)

In this video we experience and incredible day of birding and bird photography at Point Pelee National Park. The annual spring songbird migration was in full swing, and this time we were ready with a new pair of binoculars.

Here is the beginning of our unforgettable trip to one of the best birding locations on Earth.

Pentax Z-Series ED Review:


How to Overcome Jet-Lag Quickly and Easily

Your body has a biological clock which can easily go out of balance when you change time zones or simply when have a late night out. In this article I explain how you can reset your body clock quickly and easily.

Better Health Through BALANCE!

Most of us have heard, the advice, Everything in moderation! Those, who seek, immediate, easy results, when it comes to living a happier, healthier life, are generally disappointed, because it requires a BALANCE of a variety of actions, including enhancing one’s attitude, lifestyle, personal habits, diet and exercise, etc, as well as using some common sense, in the quest. While this may seem obvious, since common sense, is often, one of the rarest behaviors, only those, with patience, and discipline, and a willingness, to open – one’s – mind, to consider, options, alternatives, and what’s best, for you, personally, generally proceed, accordingly…

Introduction to Different Types of Surgery

In a surgical procedure, incisions are made in order to treat a disease or injury. The tissues are cut to allow the required manipulation. Surgery is of different types, and they are divided into different classes on the basis of many factors like the surgery timing, purpose, and the type of equipment used.

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