This is how you build a winning culture 👏

This is how you build a winning culture 👏

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Trent Cole – Ready For a Big 2010 Season

The Eagles have an absolute gem in defensive end Trent Cole. What they didn’t have for some time was a consistent player to compliment Cole on the other side. Finding a compliment for Cole was one of the main priorities for the Eagles this off-season, and they’ve brought in plenty of possible suitors.

Football-Related Boyfriend Gifts

Football oriented boyfriend gifts are the perfect choice all year-round. Unfortunately, that choice is never a simple one; there is just so much to choose from and many of us can barely keep the team names straight. Where is a woman to start?

The Myth of Tim Hightower

When discussing the rise of future superstar running back Beanie Wells, many people often point out that Wells will have a difficult time living up to his bidding, because he will be sharing carries with Arizona incumbent Tim Hightower. There is an obvious talent gap between Wells and Hightower, but people often cite that Hightower will be difficult to take off the field because he is such a good goaline and short yardage runner. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a myth.

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