The reaction from NBA referee Bill Kennedy 😂

The reaction from NBA referee Bill Kennedy 😂
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The BCS Debate Rages On

College football still likes to think of itself as purely amateur sports. But it has become big time business and, unfortunately in many instances, that is not a great thing. But when you look specifically at the current BCS football bowl structure, it appears that there is just too much money riding on it to get down to a serious discussion about a playoff system.

Seven Interesting Facts About the Quarterbacks of the Dallas Cowboys

With multiple Super Bowl victories, even more conference championships, and of course some of the greatest players to have ever played professional football, it is easy to see why the Dallas Cowboys have become one of the most popular teams in the entire National Football League. The players who have played quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys over the years have all achieved a level of popularity or notoriety that many of the quarterbacks for other teams never do. Here is a look at some interesting facts about the Dallas Cowboys quarterback position.

Eight Little Known Detroit Lions Quarterback Facts

The Detroit Lions are one of the oldest franchises in the NFL. Here is a look at 8 little known facts about the players that have played quarterback for the Detroit Lions.

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