The Lakers are DYSFUNCTIONAL & DISRESPECTFUL! – Swagu & Perk | Episode 22

Swagu and Perk discuss the dysfunction within the Los Angeles Lakers’ organization, why Joel Embiid should win the NBA MVP award, and Swagu’s numerous interactions on and off social media this weekend.

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0:00 Swagu and Perk Episode 22, Let’s Get It!
1:00 Jumping right into the Lakers’ mess
15:00 Why Embiid is Perk’s MVP
23:00 Swagu recaps a hectic weekend on social media
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⚡James Harden, you’re making us look bad!:
⚡Zion, stop being a baby!:
⚡Anthony Davis, you should be quiet!:
⚡Luka or Ja Morant: Which star will be the future face of the NBA?:
⚡Ja is DAZZLING, 76ers look SCARY & LeBron’s BAD attitude:
⚡Kyrie Irving is being unfair to Kevin Durant!:
⚡The Knicks need to trade Julius Randle:
⚡‘Wardell Stephen Curry is the BEST player in the NBA!’:
⚡The Steph Curry double-standard:
⚡LaMelo Ball or Anthony Edwards?:
⚡Q&A with Swagu & Perk:
⚡Ice Trae or LaVine? Is Ja Morant the MVP?:

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