Stephen A.: I AM RIGHT Y’ALL ARE WRONG! Russell Wilson is the biggest thing in Denver ๐Ÿ‘€ | First Take

Stephen A. Smith, Keyshawn Johnson, and Marcus Spears join Molly Qerim on First Take to debate the biggest NFL AFC West moves of this offseason.
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Subject – How to Handle the Clock

The play clock shall automatically default to 40 seconds and start immediately upon being re-set by the play clock operator when any official signals that the ball is dead after a play (the dead ball signal should be given). Anything else the 25 sec will be used.

The Trophy Nobody Wants

Did you hear the news? The Heisman trophy isn’t going to be handed out this year. It’s true. The committee met over the weekend and said to hell with it. No one wants it, so we’re keeping it in the closet.

Will the Eagles Make a Trade?

The trade deadline is tomorrow at 4 PM and there is now being speculation as to whether the Eagles will get involved and make some sort of move. When asked about it, Andy Reid said, “We are keeping our eyes open. We are looking.”

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