Solo Backpacking and Camping Made Simple And Safer

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Solo Backpacking and Camping Made Simple And Safer

Solo camping or backpacking can be a lot of fun when itโ€™s done right. In this video I go though the practical steps you can take to keep yourself safer in the great outdoors. Nature can very very unforgiving and these tips will give you greater confidence when solo camping or backpacking. Enjoy. ๐Ÿ˜€

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Part 1: Tents vs Hutsโ€‹…
Part 2: The three types of hiking tentsโ€‹
Part 3: How to choose the best tent for youโ€‹
Part 4: Where to pitch your tentโ€‹
Part 5: How to set up your tentโ€‹
Part 6: How to pitch a tent in snow and high windsโ€‹
Part 7: Wild camping New Zealand cinematic videoโ€‹
Part 8: How to wild camp in strong windsโ€‹
Part 9: How to strengthen your tent for less moneyโ€‹
Part 10: 7 Biggest mistakes wild campers make โ€‹
Part 11: The Hilleberg Soulo Black Label โ€“ The Worlds Toughest Tentโ€‹
Part 12: Ultralight Tents – Ultra Useful or Ultra Stupid?โ€‹
Part 13: Time to buy a new tent?โ€‹
Part 14: How to survive a strong stormโ€‹
Part 15: Best wild camping lessons of 2020โ€‹
Part 16: Best Camping Items for 2021 – My top 3 must havesโ€‹
Part 17: No excuses – It’s time to get out in the great outdoors!
Part 18: Why some people don’t like Wild Camping – And how to fix it
Part 19: How to Wild Camp in the Rain – And ENJOY it! (Part 1/2)
Part 20: How to Wild Camp in the Rain – And ENJOY it! (Part 2/2)
Part 21: The Beginners guide to buying the Best Tent
Part 22: Top 5 things to do when your Tent Fails
Part 23: How to buy the best 4-season tent
Part 25: 10 emergency kit items every camper needs
Part 26: Winter Sleep System – How to stay warm all night
Part 27: Clothing tips to keep you warm while backpacking
Part 29: Walk into the Wild
Part 30: Cheap tent in a strong storm test
Part 31: Wild camping snobbery – Is expensive gear really any better?
Part 32: 7 Backpacking pro tips for beginners
Part 33: How to pack your backpack – layering system
Part 34: Three types of winter sleep shelters
Part 35: Hiking Huts – Important Doโ€™s and Donโ€™ts
Part 36: 7 top tips for multi-day hikes
Part 37: Sustainable Hiking Gear – Helpful Or Hype?
Part 38: Best 1Person Backpacking Tents (Real Examples)
Part 39: Best 2Person Backpacking Tents (Real Examples)

I look forward to any questions or comments you may have.

Stay Safe – Stay Strong. โ›บ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
Barry Watson

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