Sheepshead (freshwater drum) Taste Test – How to clean/cook –

Have you ever eaten a sheepshead? Freshwater drum? Whatever you call them, they have kind of a bad rap! Well, we cleaned them up and put them to the taste test. We cooked up 3 different batches and offered them to our next door neighbors but didn’t tell them what kind of fish they were! Well, as you can see, they couldn’t even tell and loved them?

COMMENT BELOW what your favorite recipe is for these fish!

How You Can Get Started With Essential Oils

Essential oils are compounds derived from the roots, leaves, barks, seeds or peels of plants. They assist plants to ward off pests and stay healthy. They have many physical, mental as well as emotional benefits on man and are very powerful, hence, they should be used in moderation.

Common Signs You Are Nutrient Deficient

It is a well-known fact that a healthy diet supplies energy to the body and provides the necessary ingredients for cells to develop. Nutrient deficiencies can have an adverse effect on your day-to-day activities but if you are very watchful enough, you will see some signs that will clearly tell you that you are running low on nutrients. Here are some of them.

Are You Eating Your Way to Health or Into an Early Grave?

Many people are eating their way into an early grave with foods laced with additives, preservatives, chemicals, sweeteners, and fats. Food is both the problem and also the solution. There are 3 key nutrients and vitamins essential to achieving optimal health. Start eating you way to health. The quality of your life depends upon it.

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