Running with Asthma? WATCH THIS FIRST…

Running with asthma is totally achievable. In fact, I’ve finished multiple marathons as an asthmatic runner. The key is to learn to control your asthma, both with your asthma medication (speak to your doctor), and with adjusting your training so you can avoid your asthma triggers. In fact, running and other forms of regular aerobic exercise have been shown to improve lung function and respiratory health in asthma patients. Done right, the benefits of running with asthma make it something to seriously consider.

Always take medical advice before starting a new exercise regime.



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ABOUT ME: I’m James Dunne, a runner, sports rehabilitation therapist (similar to physical therapist) and coach based in the UK (Norwich and London).

Since 2007 I’ve been working with athletes focusing specifically on helping distance runners and triathletes overcome injury and improve performance through developing their individual running technique.

Running biomechanics and physical therapy are real passions of mine. I love to help runners run strong and stay injury free.


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Changes You May See In Your Body When You Eat Bananas Daily

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