Reacting to LeBron James saying the Lakers season wasn’t a failure | NBA Today

Kendrick Perkins goes off after hearing that LeBron James said the Lakers’ season wasn’t a failure.
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All There is to Know About the NFL

NFL Trivia as the league exists today does not cover an exceptionally long period of time. There was an an NFL as early as the 1920s in America, however, the NFL as most people think of it was formed much later when the original NFL merged with its rival league, the AFL. This merger set up the foundation for one of the greatest sports leagues in the world, with each original league making up one division of the new NFL. Each division plays to a championship game, with the two champions facing each other in the game referred to as the Super Bowl.

Carolina Panthers History – Intriguing

The Carolina Panthers are a member of the South Division of the NFC. They are based in Charlotte, North Carolina, but the team serves as a representative to both North and South Carolina. Along with the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Carolina Panthers history is short, as they became part of the NFL in 1995.

Popular NFL Team – Dallas Cowboys

Although there are many NFL teams which are extremely popular, and many states and cities in which the fans are particularly fervent, it is hard to say that there could be any team with a more dedicated fan base than the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas Cowboys trivia tells us that the team joined the NFL in 1960, and is now in the NFC east division of the league (post NFL -AFL merger). The best way you can see how popular the team is, is by their record of the most consecutive sold out games, both at home, and on the road.

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