‘PUBLIC LAND’ Opening Day Duck Hunt (How to FIND the BEST SPOT)

It’s Opening day for duck hunting and we’re gonna show YOU how to find some good spots! We’re starting off the 2020 Wisconsin North Duck Season with a blast! We get out to the marsh at 1 am and lock down an area, and boy does the shooting start!

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6 Awesome Tips to Get Fit While Doing Housework

Did you know that you can burn a lot of calories doing house chores? According to fitness experts, house chores can burn up to an average of 250 calories in an hour for a 150-lb individual. This post has highlighted some of the ways you can use your house chores to build up a sweat and get fit while doing housework.

20 Ways to Stay Fit With Minimal Effort

Getting fit is not an easy task. It can take weeks or even months of hard training and paying attention to what you eat. Staying fit can be even harder.

Chemical Poisoning

Despite taking precautions like labeling poisonous chemicals and keeping them out of the sight and reach of children, chemical poisoning emergencies do arise. Let us prepare ourselves for the quick and decisive action that is called for.

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