Josh Allen a TOP 5 NFL QB?! First Take debates πŸ‘€ 🏈

The First Take panel debate whether or not Josh Allen is a current top-five NFL quarterback right now.
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Conceal the Noblest NFL Family, Three Out of Two Generations Are All-Star Quarterbacks

The National Football League is the Manning family’s “drop blood of industry,” and quarterback is the most prominent of the family’s “gene.” Archie Manning was the most popular quarterback in University of Mississippi, in his 14-year NFL career, he was twice an All-Star game players. His eldest sons bid farewell to stadium in college because of a serious injury; his second sons Peyton Manning is one of the best NFL quarterback in history, his youngest son Eli Manning is the main force quarterback of New York Giants.

Scout the Parents of Your Youth Football Team

One of the many considerations you must make when coaching youth football is the parents of the players. Problem parents are the reason I stopped coaching after my first 15-year run. Problem parents can ruin a good season and make a bad season unbearable.

Keeping the Good Parents Close, But Not Too Close

Most of the parents are good people. Most of the parents will be good or neutral. The helpful parents you will want to embrace. There are always a handful of parents that will support your effort while coaching the youth football team…

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