I FELL THROUGH THE ICE!!! (How to safely get out)

In this tip video, we teamed up with Adam Walton of the Edgerton Fire and Rescue to demonstrate how to safety get out of the water if you fall through the ice! Using specific safety techniques to control your body and mind, Adam shows how even without proper safety equipment you can try and save your life! Larry then demonstrates how a Nebulus emergency floatation raft can also save you in a bad situation!

Have you ever fallen through the ice?

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Stories of Hope: Drilling Into My Skull and Injecting Stem Cells Helped My Stroke

Life on one hand seems all bright and beautiful. And when faced with an irreversible ailment with no visible room for recovery, then it seems like uncertainty has had a tight grip on life. Ailments like cancers of all kind, immune system and blood disorders and chronic brain and spine injuries all pose a threat to life.

Cord Blood Banking for Potential Future Transplantation

Despite all the planning and caution, life seems to be unpredictable at one phase or the other! And it’s mostly, when individuals are faced with a health crisis, where the ailment at hand is chronic and irreversible. Humans try to secure the health of their children and loved ones in many ways. One such way that has gained popularity owing to its growing success rate, is cord blood stem cell transplant.

New Insight Into How Immune Cells Are Formed

After several attempts by various scientists and researchers, it is finally revealed that they have made a ground-breaking invention – The skin patch. It has the ability, not only to heal but also regrow damaged organs within a short span of time.

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