Hunting Tips for beginners (hares, rabbits, grouse)

On BCT I don’t pull any punches about what I say and here will be no exception. Speaking from experience, I think using camouflage paint/makeup for hunting is for suckers. Ok, that’s a bit direct. It’s for people susceptible to marketing. Ok, that’s still too direct :)! Seriously, charcoal made into a powder or simply rubbed over hands face and neck does the job. It’s natural, no packings of any sort, effectively breaks up those chunks of skin, helps to remove body odours etc. Now when I mean charcoal I’m talking about natural charcoal, not the stuff you can buy at the supermarkets etc as these charcoals can have flammable hydrocarbons impregnated into them for easier lighting- DO NOT USE this type of charcoal for BBQs. Staying calm, quiet, moving silently, not smoking and generally thrashing through the bush will always give you a better chance at seeing game, to start with. But you must understand as much as possible about the general behaviour of the animal you wish to stalk. Successful hunting and fishing is based upon skills, not by chance.


Why India Is Considered the Most Favorite Destination for Medical Tourism

Credihealth supports international patients by providing medical tourism service which caters to all aspects of patient care management that include pre-arrival requirements like VISA, scheduling appointments, accommodation, and discharge process. Credihealth’s medical tourism service also focuses on cost transparency, assistance in native languages and tackling other challenges faced by international patients.

All About Orthopedic Doctors

An orthopedic doctor is a professional who specializes in bone related conditions. Situations when you should see the doctor There are plenty of situations when you should see the doctor. Some of these situations include: Difficulty performing everyday tasks: It’s common to have joint and bone discomfort especially if you are old; however, if you have been having the discomfort for a long time to the extent that you are unable to execute your daily activities, it’s time to visit the doctor.

Top 5 Ways To Have More Energy After Age 40

Your body is a complex machine that needs constant tuning and maintenance to operate at peak levels throughout life. After a certain age, the body slows production of certain hormones and downregulated energy systems. Not to worry, slight tweaks in lifestyle, diet, and exercise can make you feel like you are a teenager again!

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