How to Locate Summertime Crappies (HUGE School)

Summertime can be a difficult time of the year to locate crappies. These fish start to move to large lake basins to school up. These fish are constantly moving and looking to find food so having good electronics is key to finding these fish!

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Why Is It Important to Save a Child’s Cord Blood? Raise Awareness

Save cord blood, Boon for the future. July is the National cord blood awareness month. Help and save others. The month of July is observed as the National Cord Blood Awareness Month.

Why You Should Find a Doctor Who You Can Get Along With

It is always important to deal with people who you can easily get along with. When it comes to medical issues, this is not any different. You should find someone who you are very comfortable speaking to as this is the very first step to great communication. This is also the best way to ensure that you can express your health issues and get help as soon as the need arises. When you can communicate with your doctor, you will access medical advice easily. You can have solutions that suit your daily habits and values. Such a doctor can also connect you to any other health care specialists and providers that you may need.

Mom! Do I Have To Eat That?

Vitamins and Minerals You know, I may be barking up the wrong tree but if you are a type B personality (more on that later) then chances are you need to take the vitamins and minerals given to you. But will you take them? Probably sporadically at best!

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