How To Learn Running? (Part 1) | Spending 30 Minutes on Your Feet | Running 101 for Beginners

One of the ways to keep yourself motivated and consistent with running is to set small, achievable targets. The first target you can set is to spend 30 minutes on your feet. Know more about how to achieve it in this video with Vikas Singh.
It may get overwhelming to run for 30 minutes as you get started. Consider breaking this down into smaller, more realistic targets. You could start by running for one minute followed by walking for another minute and maintain this cycle for 30 minutes. This will allow your body to recover during the walking minute and enable you to run again.
You may also consider running for a minute followed by walking for up to 3 minutes or running for half a minute followed by walking for 2-3 minutes if you feel very exhausted. Essentially, try and break down your 30-minute journey into smaller, achievable pieces, and very soon you’ll be spending 30 minutes on your feet.

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