How To Clean Ducks | Duck Hunting

After a successful duck hunt it is now time to prep your game to eat! Cabela’s Pro-Staffer, Jon Lewis goes over how to clean a duck. Leaving the skin and legs attached makes for a great meal to share with friends and family! For more waterfowling footage, be sure to check out Cabela’s Northern Flight here:

Natural Trauma Care

What if the unthinkable happens? You have an accident, but you are nowhere near a hospital. What do you do? Is there such a thing as “natural trauma care”? The answer is a resounding YES.

Improving Digestion – Tips, Tricks and Essential Facts

Given the important role played by the digestive system in ensuring proper functioning of the human body, every individual must take an interest towards improving digestion. While a good digestive system has a positive impact on the overall functioning of the body, the reverse is equally true.

Does Your Heart Stop When You Sneeze: What’s the Truth?

Just before sneezing, a lot of people relax slowly. This improves pressure in the chest and briefly inhibits the blood flow to the heart, which can reduce hypertension and boosts the heart rate.

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