Deer Vision and Modern Camouflage Clothing | Are deer colorblind?

Whitetail deer vision, what colors do deer see and are they colorblind? SAVE 10% on Huntworth clothing when ordering online by using the code BBB10 at checkout.
Here’s a rundown about the science of what deer can see: colors, visual acuity, focus and field of view. I also cover the evolution of camouflage and especially Huntworth clothing’s disruption camouflage. Deer vision, especially color vision has been a long discussed topic but some research has shed some light on what deer see.

Would You Recognize the Warning Signs of Spinal Stenosis?

From time to time, we all have the occasional ache or pain, especially as we age. It can be tempting to push it aside and focus on other things, keeping your mind distracted and off of the pain. As spinal stenosis occurs gradually over time, there is no sudden onset and symptoms tend to start out mild and barely noticeable and work their way up to life interrupting.

Good Health, One of the Greatest Blessings of Life

No matter how wealthy we are or how lavish our lifestyle is, if we do not have a healthy body then nothing else really matters. One can just not live a ‘happy’ life with a body full of diseases. We give a lot of importance to plenty of irrelevant things which ends up giving us temporary happiness and nothing more.

Who Needs a Liver Transplant and What Are the Signs and Symptoms?

The liver is one of the vital organs in the human body. This essentially means that one cannot live without the liver. It serves many critical functions in the body that include metabolism of drugs and toxins, removing degradation products and synthesis of important proteins and enzymes.

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