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Watch the highlights of the women’s and men’s Breaking round robin sessions and finals during the Olympic Qualifier Series 2024 in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China.

B-Boy Lee wins first major title while Japan sweeps women’s podium at Olympic Qualifier Series Shanghai

Japanese women kept the contest for Paris 2024 quotas tight with a 1-2-3 finish at the Olympic Qualifier Series in Shanghai as their teammate B-Boy Hiro10 took the men’s third spot in a “Battle of the 10s” to get an edge over teammate B-Boy Issin.

B-Boys Lee and Lithe-ing brought all of those moves and more to claim the top spots in the men’s breaking event at the Olympic Qualifier Series in Shanghai, the People’s Republic of China move closer to a coveted spot at the Paris 2024 Olympics.

B-Girls Ayumi, Ami and Riko make it an all-Japanese affair in women’s event
While one Japanese athlete made it on the podium in the men’s event, the women’s competition ended in a clean Japanese sweep as B-Girls Ayumi, Ami and Riko kept it tight in their contest for the maximum two spots that Japanese B-Girls can get at Paris 2024.

In Shanghai, it was B-Girl Ayumi getting a few paces ahead. The team veteran proved that at 40 years old she has all the moves it takes to top a competition field of 40 B-Girls, many of them less than half her age.

The final saw Ayumi face off against another seasoned competitor, 2022 world champion B-Girl Ami. Well familiar with each other, the Japanese B-Girls packed the battle with a series of good-natured burns and traded signature moves before hugging it out on the final notes.
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