Big Papi on his relationship with A-Rod: ‘Now I gotta deal with him everyday!’ ๐Ÿ˜‚ | KayRod Cast

David Ortiz joins Alex Rodriguez and Michael Kay to describe his relationship with A-Rod during the New York Yankees’ home matchup against the Boston Red Sox.

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New York Jets Secure Wild Card in 2009

In an interesting turn of events, the New York Jets capped off an erratic whirlwind of a regular season with a happy ending. With a win against the Bengals, the Jets will now play them once again in the first round of the playoffs. During their week 17 game, the team needed a win against the Cincinnati Bengals at their home stadium in New Jersey.

Tom Brady Brings AFC East Title to New England

With the regular season behind us now, it’s time to look back at the NFL year that was. 2009 brought us many pleasant surprises, along with a couple of letdowns. Let’s take a look at the season that was to review a one of the highlights that made this a great year to be a football fan.

Ten Reasons the Saints Won’t Win the Super Bowl

For some strange reason many people are under the impression that the New Orleans Saints are going to be this years Super Bowl champions. I think that some of these people are strongly influenced by their love for the Saints and that some just simply don’t know their football.

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