Best climbing technique for saddle hunters (DRT Climbing Technique)

This video is a method we use for our mobile style saddle hunting to climb trees. Please watch till the end as there’s a lot of information on DRT climbing technique that we believe is the safest, quietest, least expensive way to climb a tree for saddle hunting. I hope you all benefit from this technique. Please like and share with others.

Feel free to comment down below with your questions, We’d love to help in anyway we can.

Please remember that climbing of any kind is inherently dangerous. The DRT climbing method has been a standard in the arborist industry for many years. But remember It’s only safe if you do it right. Ensure your knots are tied correctly and make sure you set every knot before you get off the ground. This method that we use in saddle hunting, but only do what makes you comfortable and do this at your own risk.

Hunters Who climb trees typically have no training. One of the reasons we made these videos was to introduce hunters to what arborists use to climb safely. Just like anything its incumbent on you to seek out training from a qualified professional , and practice to learn how to do it properly. It’s no different than learning firearm safety or anything that’s inherently dangerous.

Thanks for watching, climb safe and best of luck!

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