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Join me as I break down exactly what I take with me when I go deer hunting. I dump out my entire backpack and run through my hunting gear item by item. The full gear review list is below! If you are a beginner, you do not need everything on the list, however, every hunting product serves an essential function. Feel free to treat this as a checklist so you do not forget anything!

Main Camera:
Camera Arm –
Fluid Head –
Shotgun Mic –
Rain Cover –
GoPro –
Tripod Mount –
Gooseneck Mount:
Barrel/Stabilizer Mount:
Lens Duster –

Headlamp –
Bow Hook –
Water Bottle –
Lens Cloth –
Binos –
Bino Harness –
Folding Saw –
Grunt Call –
Milk Weed Holder –
Strap On Gear Hooks –

Release –
Flashlight –
Yeti Rambler –

Tree Stand:
Climbing Sticks:

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I think I misspoke and said the pack was the Sitka Gear Tool Box but it is actually the Sitka Tool Bucket, in case you wanted to know…If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, drop them in the comments below! Like, subscribe, and share!


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