Ant Man with the POWERFUL JAM on the way to the 7 seed 😤 | #shorts

Ant Man with the POWERFUL JAM on the way to the 7 seed 😤 | #shorts

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Watch Out, Colt McCoy of Texas

The college football season of 2009 was supposed to be the story of three great quarterbacks leading three great teams while battling for a championship game that can only host two. Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford, and Tim Tebow and their high-powered teams were going to make this one of the most memorable seasons ever.

Patriots Aren’t the Same in 2009 – Yet

The New England Patriots are the predominant favorite to win the AFC East with a healthy QB Tom Brady. While the Patriots without Tom Brady went 11-5, they didn’t make the playoffs. The New England Patriots now are built on competing to win Super Bowls, not missing the playoffs.

Football Equipment – Safety is the Name of the Game

When it comes to football equipment, the vast majority of products you will find for sale, both online and in retail stores, are dedicated to safety. Equipment helps keep safe the players who are wearing it, and helps them keep their teammates and competition safe as well. From helmets to pads (and the many varieties of pads available), here is an overview of safety focused football equipment, and the purpose each type serves.

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