Alabama fans need to get HYPE for Jalen Milroe

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College Football – The Time Has Come For a Playoff

College football has a long tradition that includes bowl games. I am a fan of college football and I have enjoyed the bowl games over the years. However, it seems something is very wrong with our system.

Two Different Coaches With Very Similar Tactics

There is a football coach currently working very hard to continue a tradition that another great coach worked very hard to begin. Their similar styles of coaching produced success then and producing it again now.

The Best Team in the NFL

Of course, recognizing a football team as the best in the league is purely based on opinion. Your bias definitely has a lot to do with where you come from. Born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin, I happen to be a full-blown, paint your face green and wear a cheese head, die hard, crazy Green Bay Packer fan. I’ve been watching the green and gold since diaper status.

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