๐Ÿ”ด LIVE Speed Climbing: Womenโ€™s & Men’s Finals! | #OlympicQualifierSeries

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Witness the power, dedication, and skill of Olympic athletes as they compete for their chance to shine on the world stage.

Break. Climb. Skate. Ride. The Olympic Qualifier Series is the ultimate stage for Paris. The two-part festival-style series will make its first stop in Shanghai on 16-19 May. The final leap for athletes to secure a spot in an Olympic Games. The results here will help determine which athletes qualify for Paris 2024 in breaking, BMX freestyle, skateboarding, and sport climbing. The Shanghai event will be a celebration of sport and culture, with music, fashion and art combining with the sporting competition to create a festival experience. It’s a chance for fans and athletes alike to go watch and try different sports, experience epic moments together and meet a lot new people.

Athletes in BMX freestyle, sport climbing, and breaking will compete for a maximum of 50 points at each of the events in Shanghai and Budapest, making a maximum possible total of 100 points per athlete. Points from both stops will be compiled into a ranking for each of the sports, that will determine which athletes earn quota places for Paris 2024.

For skateboarding, the points system is divided into three parts: results from prior competitions and the results from the Shanghai and Budapest Olympic Qualifier Series events respectively. One-third of the points are allocated from past competitions, while the remaining two-thirds will be up for grabs in Shanghai and Budapest. The combined points from all competitions will give the final ranking.

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